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Camp Chhatra Sagar

Chhatra Sagar, Dist. Pali-Marwar, 306303 Rajasthan

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About Camp Chhatra Sagar

Welcome to Chhatra Sagar, one of the first glamping experiences in Rajasthan built around simple luxuries – that of looking at the sunrise over the reservoir from the comfort of your bed, in beautifully handcrafted tents designed for generous views from every pull-up canvas window ,fragrant with floating roses and ensuite bathrooms. See the pastoral lifestyles of rural communities increasingly becoming a rare sight, be with nature and all things wild and natural, relish home cooked dishes locally sourced and what is seasonally grown and available, wind down to a relaxing sunset and dine under inky winter skies, before calling it a night – still, peaceful and warmed by the ubiquitous hot water bottle. 

Chhatra Sagar was set up in the year 2000 with just 6 tents on the dam overlooking the rain-fed reservoir, the idea was to continue the conservation ideology initiated by thier great grandfather, wedged between an over-farmed landscape and heavily mined Aravallis. This was a land  held in balance between the Seervi farmers  and the Gujjars, the shepherd community - a strategic synergy which only helped the land the farmer harvested and nourished the livestock the Gujjars owned. It helped  immensely tto be  off the main link road that connected Jaipur and Jodhpur, a perfect stop after four hours of driving on country roads to continue rested and refreshed to Jodhpur, just over two hours away. Living on the estate behind the campsite, the family who owned Chhatra Sagar welcomed world travellers - whom came here to rest, enjoyed the sunrise and sunsets, dined under the stars, saw rural Rajasthan in a way that was genuine and non-intrusive. 
Chhatra Sagar has evolved as a destination in itself- every service, facility and experience  is dictated by nature  left to flourish and the community who gracefully ensure that  your stay is perfect in every way. All the work with the community and the land around has resulted in a camping experience that matches the camping lifestyles of the days of erstwhile royalty. 

Synergy and partnerships are key to Chhatra Sagar – nature and man; community and the camp;  water, birds and animals and ultimately the traveler and the Chhatra Sagar family. This is seen in every aspect of the guest experience, what he sees and does is less to do what has been created and more of what Chhatra Sagar has sustained and cherished. When the camp is set up during the last week of September after the ritual ‘summer hibernation’,  the entire community joins in the pitching and setting up, endless cups of tea are made and served, floors are re-plastered and decorated with beautiful patterns to welcome another season with guests from around the world. 

Chhatra Sagar has over the years carefully trained people from the village choosing them for their inherent skills and the match is perfect, the shoe maker’s son heads housekeeping for his trained eye for detailing and perfection while some women from the village work in the camp kitchen which serves the family as well as the guests. 

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At Chhatra Sagar it is quiet and still, leave your work and phones behind. For birders over three days there is the promise of seeing over 80 birds.



TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Tent heaven
by savytram on 04/15/2019

I don't as a rule do tents but Chhatra Sagar is very special. I absolutely loved it here and wished I could have stayed an extra night. Very luxurious, comfortable, the best beds and linen...

Glamping at Chahtra Sagar
by Glampooo on 03/23/2019

For us, this place is perfect: 5 star accommodation, scenic beauty, food and service, not experienced anywhere on our trip to India. Highly recommended. Once the reservation has been paid for, no...

Highlight of our Honeymoon
by Ellen H on 03/19/2019

We spent two nights at the wonderful Chhatra Sagar and didn't want to leave! The absolute highlight of our Rajasthan holiday. We couldn't fault a thing; the family who own and run the place were...


Cuisine : At Chhatra Sagar meals are very Indian though as this is home cooking we can easily toss up a pasta, a salad or a sandwich for those looking for comfort food. For cuisines lovers Chhatra Sagar brings in elements of everyday cooking invaluable to the desert conditions that involved storing, drying and sourcing locally available ingredients like seeds and pods. A good example is Panchkoota – a melange of five seeds (Babul, Sangri, Kair, Gunda and Kumathiya) all are fruits of desert trees, dehydrated and soaked in warm water to soften them and cooked with whole spices , salt and chillies. Goats reared by shepherds in the village or fish caught fresh from the reservoir are the only meats served while dried and agglutinated gram and maize flour cakes make tasty and colorful curries. Millet and Maize breads are always made fresh by village women, their deft fingers patting perfect circles of the dough, baked on open fires and served crisp and hot. A good variety of vegetables and greens from the farms around are all seasonal, mildly flavoured and cooked gently to retain their texture and flavours. Our open kitchen always welcomes guests who would like to learn a dish or two they have relished.
The village is a short drive from the farm, a perfect rural setting , self contained with a tanner, shoe maker, silversmith, potter, carpenter….all out in the courtyards of their modest homes engrossed in their day’s chores at their own pace. A brief stop at the village school that is funded by the government including the mid-day meals they provide for every child, here our intervention is minimal except to ensure that it is run with quality in accordance to the rules set out by the department of eduction. Some of the quality checks greatly intrigue our guests, for example the grandmother of a student is always given the charge of the mid-day lunch thus ensuring quality at all times.
Nature, Birds, Wildlife : Overlooking the vast expanse of water that requires a good monsoon to fill to the brim and sustain through the season, the camp from the top of the dam leads to wilderness trails. Nature walks here through the scrub forest is a great opportunity to see land birds like larks, chats, malkhoas, eagle owls , egrets etc. And as you approach the far ends of the reservoir, ruddy shelducks, grey lag goose, flamingoes, bar headed geese and other migratory birds vie for attention. The shallow edges of the reservoir have wild animals like Nilghais sun bathing or grazing under a warm winter sun, a beautiful sight from lounge on the camp. It is not uncommon to see a Jackal scurrying away startled by the flutter of geese or a family of wild boars foraging for food. A strategically placed telescope in the lounge and dining tent grants you a closer look.
Farm and Village : The campsite today is surrounded by 1800 acres of farmland handed over to nature , now a thriving ecosystem and an open invitation to migratory birds and wild animals like wild boars, jackals and nilghais. While sitting pretty on the lake, the camp faces and far into the horizon, acres of semi-arid landscape with tall grasses and desert trees like babool , kikar, Khejri, Kair (Bare Caper) and so on. Sesame, millet, maize, gwaar ( cluster beans ) , cumin, anise are crops that put less pressure on the water table and are farmed on the land you see behind the camp, where there re also rose gardens and trees of peepal, neem, banyan etc. Farm walk, a pre-breakfast activity accompanied by one of us is to acquaint you with seasonal harvesting of the crops , their commercial use and how their cyclic rotation helps in keep the soil in good health.

Attractions & Excursions

Nearest Airport : Jodhpur-115 Km
Nearest Railway Station : Ajmer - 95 Km
Nearest Bus Station : Barr - 20 km

100% retention if cancelled one month prior to arrival

All vouchers to be received at least a month before arrival.
Important informations like driver and local handling agent details, meal allergies / preferences to be notified in advance for smooth check-in.
Accompanying escorts / Tour guides have to make their own arrangements for stay 
For groups - rooming & naming list along with voucher to be sent 90 days before arrival